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Key Issues

Focused on fiscal responsibility, reform, reprioritization, and results

Our state transportation system is facing serious challenges. Old roads. Failing bridges. Unreliable ferry service. Dilapidated railways. Inefficient public transportation systems. These problems must be addressed. Since becoming one of our state’s transportation budget leaders in 2019, I have been the voice for fiscal responsibility, reform, reprioritization, and results. My goals are to help keep costs down as we chip away at our $11 billion road maintenance backlog, prevent new taxes and fees on drivers, and complete projects within existing revenue.

Barkis issues statement on negotiated supplemental transportation budget

Fixing our housing crisis

Washington is facing a housing crisis that has only grown worse over time. We are producing the fewest housing units per household of any state in the country due to unnecessary regulatory costs and fees, permit delays, restrictive zoning laws, and an antiquated Growth Management Act. Supply is down, rent is skyrocketing, homeownership is unattainable for many first-time buyers, and homelessness continues to grow. We must have a sense of urgency about addressing these problems. It is critical we remove unnecessary barriers to provide Washingtonians more homeownership opportunities.

House Republican solutions to solve the housing crisis

Addressing Washington's public safety crisis

Washington is facing a public safety crisis unlike anything most of us have ever seen. Over the past five years, criminal activity has exploded in our state. Homicide is up 96% since 2019. Our state ranks #1 for retail theft, #2 for property crime and #4 for auto theft. This can't continue. House Republicans are fighting for commonsense solutions to prevent crime, hold criminals accountable, support law enforcement, and make communities safer.

House Republican solutions to fix our public safety crisis

Three initiatives approved, three will be on November ballot

When Washingtonians sent six initiatives to the Legislature for consideration, it altered the course of the 2024 legislative session. Promptly, Republicans embraced these measures, advocating for immediate public hearings. Our efforts bore fruit, resulting in successful hearings for three initiatives, which were subsequently passed into law near the end of session. Initiative 2081 establishes a "Parents’ Bill of Rights," Initiative 2111 bars state and local personal income taxes, and Initiative 2113 reinstates law enforcement's authority to pursue fleeing suspects in their vehicles. However, the majority party neglected to hold hearings or take action on the remaining trio of initiatives. Initiative 2117 seeks to repeal the Climate Commitment Act and its accompanying carbon tax, Initiative 2124 proposes an opt-out of the state long-term care program and its payroll tax, and Initiative 2109 aims to revoke the capital gains tax. Nevertheless, these initiatives will appear on the November ballot.

Learn More: Initiatives to the Legislature

Session review and the ongoing Republican effort to Fix Washington

Meet Andrew Barkis

Rep. Andrew Barkis represents the 2nd Legislative District. He was first appointed to the state House of Representatives in February 2016 and is currently serving his fourth term as a state representative. Andrew was born and raised in Chehalis. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout through the Boy...

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