Thank you for visiting my legislative website. This page gives you the opportunity to learn more about me and my priorities as your state representative. I hope you use this page as a resource to stay connected. Feel free to sign-up for my email updates, read my recent news releases, watch my current video legislative updates, and get more information on the committees I proudly serve.

Our state faces many challenges. We need to work hard to have a limited, but effective government that is focused on being fiscally responsible, creating more jobs, and fostering small business growth within our district and state.

Please feel free to contact me, or stop by my office with any questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions on how we can make the 2nd District a better place to live and work.

It is an honor to serve you.

Rep. Andrew Barkis
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Election-year restrictions prohibit me from updating my website until after the November 2022 election. However, you are still welcome to contact me anytime.

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My Legislative Priorities

Being the voice for fiscal responsibility, reform, and reprioritization

Since becoming one of our state’s transportation budget leaders in 2019, I have been the voice for fiscal responsibility, reform, and reprioritization. My goals have been to keep costs down, stop more forced taxes and fees on drivers, and complete projects within existing revenue. During the 2022 session, I took my goals to new heights. I championed a transportation budget framework seeking to create a sustainable and equitable transportation funding model by reimagining state budgeting processes.

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Identifying the root causes of our affordable housing crisis

Housing has been a passion and priority of mine since day one of becoming your state representative. Our state continues to experience a housing crisis, including our response to the problem. Supply is down, rent is skyrocketing, homeownership is unattainable for many first-time buyers, and homelessness continues to grow. I consistently introduce good policies to identify the root causes of our affordable housing problem, address the supply issues, cost increases, and regulatory burdens placed on providers.

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The process is such an essential part of crafting policy

Whether it’s the Move Ahead Washington transportation package or any other policy brought before us, all solutions, ideas, and concepts should be part of the discussion. The process builds trust and the foundation for the decisions we ultimately make as the represented voices of our constituents.

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Addressing the root causes to our public safety crisis

If communities are going to have an opportunity to thrive, we must develop solutions that effectively address the root causes of addiction and overdose, the increase in crime and homicide rates, and many of the untreated mental health needs. In order to safely address our state’s public safety concerns, issues, and struggles, we must also solve our police officer recruitment and retention crisis.

Discover real solutions aimed at keeping our communities and officers safe

Recap of the 2022 legislative session

Meet Andrew Barkis

Rep. Andrew Barkis represents the 2nd Legislative District. He was first appointed to the state House of Representatives in February 2016. He is currently serving his third term as a state representative. Andrew was born and raised in Chehalis. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout through the Boy...

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