Andrew Barkis takes office as new 2nd District state representative

Legislator: Rep. Andrew Barkis
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Officials in Pierce and Thurston counties have appointed a new Republican state representative to fill a vacancy in the 2nd Legislative District. John Sattgast reports from the state Capitol.

Sattgast:  Meet Andrew Barkis from Olympia. . .

Barkis: “I'm a local business owner. Born and raised in Chehalis. And came from a big family – nine children.”

Sattgast: He's no stranger to local politics, having run for Thurston County commissioner and for a previous appointment in the 2nd District. Barkis is a fiscal conservative, a strong supporter of education and local business.

Barkis: “I am all for smaller government. I'm all for being more fiscally responsible within the dollars that we have. Creating more jobs and getting out of the way, and doing more things for the small businesses in this area.”

Sattgast: At  5 a.m. Tuesday, Andrew Barkis awoke a regular citizen facing an appointment process for the 2nd Legislative District against two other candidates. He was sworn into office at noon, and by mid-afternoon, he was on the House floor as Representative Barkis, voting on bills.

Barkis: “I caught myself one time just kind of looking up at the ceiling and thinking, 'wow!' The last time I was here I was in the gallery watching the action and here I am actually sitting on this floor of this historic body with this immense responsibility.”

Sattgast:  But for Representative Barkis, this appointment is the fulfillment of a long-time dream to be in public service.

Barkis: “I really knew a long time ago, probably when I was in high school and even before that I was going to someday be in this position. I feel such an honor to be here and to be part of this.”

Sattgast: Newly-appointed State Representative Andrew Barkis. John Sattgast, Olympia.


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