Rep. Andrew Barkis: Remarks on House Bill 1236 (expanding protections for residential tenants)

Rep. Andrew Barkis, R-Olympia, provides remarks on his opposition to House Bill 1236 which would expand and provide further rights to residential tenants. In his remarks, Barkis says we cannot be the victims of our own policies. This bill goes too far into its protections for tenants, while taking necessary tools away from property owners. This bill will create further tensions and imbalances in an already fragile system between property owners and tenants. This bill will also cause unintended financial burdens Barkis feels weren't considered in the drafting of this policy. His remarks are on final passage of this bill in the state House of Representatives. The bill had bipartisan opposition. It passed by a vote of 54-44.

Here are some additional highlights from the virtual House floor debate on this bill.


Washington State House Republican Communications