Reps. Andrew Barkis and Jessica Bateman unite behind middle housing legislation

“Everyone deserves a home, yet the dream of home ownership is out of reach for too many families,” says Rep. Jessica Bateman, D-Olympia, who's introducing bipartisan legislation to boost the housing supply along with Rep. Andrew Barkis, R-Olympia.

“The housing crisis is hurting all our families in every corner of the state,” Bateman said. “The status quo is preventing us from addressing our housing shortage — which is why we're proposing legislation to allow for middle housing statewide.”

Washington is experiencing a housing shortage of more than 140,000 homes, and first-time homebuyers can afford homes in just three counties in the state — all in eastern Washington. To buy a typical home in Seattle, you need a salary of $170,000 a year which far exceeds the income of most working families.

“It's time the Legislature passes meaningful housing legislation that will work to solve our housing crisis,” Barkis said.

House Bill 1110 makes it legal to construct fourplexes on any residential lot in cities with a population of 6,000 or greater. It also provides a density bonus by allowing the construction of sixplexes if two of the units are affordable.

“Middle housing used to exist in Washington state and the rest of the country,” Bateman said. “It's more affordable, closer to job centers, and better for our environment. I'm happy that we are working together across party lines, and I want to thank Rep. Barkis for his efforts to find solutions for this common problem that's hurting so many families.”


Washington State House Republican Communications