Barkis lot splitting bill aimed at increasing affordable housing options passes House, heads to Senate

In the face of a housing shortage that has only grown worse over time, the state House today voted 94-4 to approve a bill sponsored by Rep. Andrew Barkis that would require cities to allow lot splitting.

Under House Bill 1245, splitting a single residential lot into two would be legal throughout Washington, provided specific conditions are met, including minimum lot size and ensuring no displacement of existing tenants. Cities would be prohibited from imposing certain regulations on resulting lots, such as excessive parking requirements, frontage width, or impact fees. Construction on resulting lots would still be subject to all existing state and local laws.

Barkis says splitting underutilized lots would provide a readily available source of new housing at a time when the state faces a deficit of 1.1 million homes by 2044.

“Washington is producing the fewest housing units per household of any state because we are hampered by restrictive zoning laws and an antiquated Growth Management Act,” said Barkis, R-Olympia. “This bill would remove unnecessary barriers to provide Washingtonians more homeownership opportunities and the ability to develop their own property. We know stronger communities start with diverse housing options, and with new homes out of reach for so many across our state, lot splitting could be a major source of affordable housing for young professionals, seniors, and everyone in between. I am encouraged by the bipartisan support we saw for House Bill 1245 today, and look forward to seeing it advance through the Senate and get to the governor’s desk before the end of session.”

House Bill 1245 now heads to the Senate Local Government, Land Use & Tribal Affairs Committee for further consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications