VIDEO: Rep. Andrew Barkis joins ARC Seattle to discuss anti-graffiti bills

Earlier this week, 2nd District Rep. Andrew Barkis joined ARC Seattle to discuss two bills he’s sponsored this session aimed at cracking down on graffiti taggers.

House Bill 1800 would provide expanded options for judges in their sentencing of offenders convicted of malicious mischief in the third degree or criminal street gang tagging and graffiti. In addition to fines and other penalties, a judge may order offenders to perform at least 24 hours of community restitution, such as cleaning up their own graffiti.

House Bill 1989 would create a pilot program to test new technologies and techniques for reducing graffiti in Washington state, such as field testing spray drone technology for more efficient graffiti removal, exploring and enhancing systems capable of identifying graffiti perpetrators, and implementing additional prevention techniques, with a focus on specific regions including the Puget Sound area and the north Spokane corridor.


Washington State House Republican Communications