Addressing transportation challenges: Rep. Andrew Barkis discusses solutions on TVW’s The Impact

Rep. Andrew Barkis serves as the ranking member on the House Transportation Committee. On this week’s edition of The Impact, he sits down with host Mike McClanahan and Transportation Committee Chair Jake Fey to discuss transportation challenges and solutions. The conversation covers topics such as:

  • Cost overruns for major transportation projects due to labor shortages, supply chain issues, and difficulty buying materials.
  • The state’s commitment to honor dollar commitments made for specific projects.
  • Scaling back projects to stay within budget.
  • Potential solutions to cost drivers, including reviewing the regulatory process for bidding on projects.
  • Challenges with the state ferry system, including staffing shortages, delays, and cancelled trips.
  • Efforts to improve the situation with the ferries, including procurement of new ferries and workforce development initiatives.
  • Speed camera bills being considered by the legislature, motivated by an increase in fatal accidents and speeding in construction zones.


Washington State House Republican Communications