Statement from Rep. Andrew Barkis on passage of supplemental transportation budget

State Representative Andrew Barkis, ranking Republican on the House Transportation Committee, issued the following statement today following House approval of the supplemental transportation budget, which seeks to address critical gaps and challenges within Washington’s transportation system.

“I am encouraged by our ongoing dedication in the House to improving transportation infrastructure and addressing key priorities across Washington state. Despite challenges posed by cost overruns and stagnant transportation revenues, this budget reflects a commitment to fiscal responsibility while prioritizing critical projects to meet the needs of all Washingtonians.

“With this budget, we allocate resources strategically and advance projects and programs to improve transportation efficiency, safety, and sustainability. We make investments in vital areas such as Washington State Patrol staffing, WSDOT maintenance, and ferry operations. Furthermore, the inclusion of provisions for innovative projects, such as the exploration of alternative uses for highway rights-of-way and the use of drones to paint over graffiti, reflects our forward-thinking approach to strategic transportation planning and infrastructure development and preservation.

“I commend Chair Fey and all involved stakeholders for their dedication and hard work in shaping this budget. As negotiations get underway with the Senate, our focus must remain on crafting a plan that will benefit communities across the state, both now and in the future, ensuring our investments contribute to the continued prosperity and well-being of everyone who calls Washington home.”


Washington State House Republican Communications