Radio Report: State lawmakers boost spending in state transportation and operating budgets

In the final hours of the 2024 session, which adjourned early Thursday evening, the Washington State Legislature approved new expenses in both transportation and operating budgets. Colby Buell reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

BUELL: Representative Andrew Barkis, ranking Republican on the House Transportation Committee says an additional one-point-one billion dollars will be spent on transportation, for what he calls “the backbone of economic prosperity in Washington state.”

BARKIS: “Our goal, Madam Speaker, was to present to this body and to present to the people of Washington state, a fiscally responsible budget committed to moving things forward – committed to our promises that we have said time and time again that we’re going to do – our ferry system, our state troopers, our infrastructure projects, our maintenance and preservation.”

BUELL: A two-point-two billion dollar supplemental operating budget is not fiscally responsible, according to Representative Chris Corry, ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee.

CORRY: “We worry about broad-based tax relief and while we are providing additional supports for some families, we believe additional support, via tax relief, should be available for all of Washington’s families.”

BUELL: With the changes, overall spending in the state operating budget is nearly 72 billion dollars.

Colby Buell, the state Capitol.


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