Rep. Andrew Barkis issues statement after protesters illegally block access to Sea-Tac Airport

On Monday, pro-Palestinian protesters spent three hours blocking the expressway to Sea-Tac Airport as part of a nationwide demonstration.

Rep. Andrew Barkis issued the following statement Tuesday:

“When I introduced House Bill 2358 back in January to increase penalties for illegal highway blockades, I said Washington would not tolerate anarchy on our highways. I was wrong. Not only are we still tolerating it, but we are inviting it through our inaction.

“Despite my bill having 40 cosponsors, including five Democrats, majority leadership refused to give it a hearing. Even House Bill 2030, a Democrat-sponsored bill to allow serial killers and rapists to serve as jurors, vote, and run for public office, made it further in the legislative process.

“Legislative sessions are about priorities. When we refuse to take action to crack down on illegal behavior, our citizens are the ones who suffer. We have an obligation as lawmakers to ensure the security of Washingtonians and uphold the rule of law. We can and must do better.”


Washington State House Republican Communications